I write because…

I’m having a difficult time these past few weeks because I can’t think of any topic to write about. I think I am suffering creative block, one of the struggles of writers/bloggers. Even if I wanted to write something on my blog there are moments that I just can’t write and I don’t know why.


If you are in the same boat like mine, I wanted to help you in your dilemma. Before I decided to open again my blog site and update a new post, I looked back and started asking myself, why did I made this blog in the first place? Answers kept coming back on my mind so I decided to share it here. I was reminded again what I love about writing and why I enjoy doing it?


I write because…






Do you have the same reasons like mine? If yes, share it below in the comment box. I’d be glad to read your thoughts. 🙂


2 thoughts on “I write because…

  1. I’m not struggling to write at the moment, but more struggling to find the time to write! But I have been through times when I couldn’t think of much to write. I find watching You Tube videos really helps to get inspired, especially if I find some new music with an awesome video, that usually does the trick for me. Also looking at really great photography and art has a good effect too!
    Suzy 🙂

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