What makes me gleeful?

This question already made me smile and it makes me appreciate life more. I am a simple girl who likes to do simple things and who wants to live a simple life. I am not grandiose. I don’t ask for material things. I just want to live my life to the fullest by making people around me happy. I am happy when they are happy. But aside from that, things that makes me really happy are:

Music makes me happy. The sound, the noise, the lyrics, everything about a song makes me happy. Whether it’s a ballad, a love song, a rock music makes me happy.

I love to eat and yeah, anything sweets makes me happy. I know, I’m such a kiddo. 🙂

Yes! I am truly a movie addict. Hate me or love me but I love chick flicks and classic movies. I can spend the entire week just watching all of my favorite films.

Booklover it is. I love books as much as I love films. I guess this is why people think that I am introvert. My social life is with books and movies.

Quality time with family and friends makes me gleeful.

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