I write because…

I’m having a difficult time these past few weeks because I can’t think of any topic to write about. I think I am suffering creative block, one of the struggles of writers/bloggers. Even if I wanted to write something on my blog there are moments that I just can’t write and I don’t know why.


If you are in the same boat like mine, I wanted to help you in your dilemma. Before I decided to open again my blog site and update a new post, I looked back and started asking myself, why did I made this blog in the first place? Answers kept coming back on my mind so I decided to share it here. I was reminded again what I love about writing and why I enjoy doing it?


I write because…






Do you have the same reasons like mine? If yes, share it below in the comment box. I’d be glad to read your thoughts. 🙂


Get inspired to read

Reading a book is like an addiction that you cannot stop especially if it is a really good one. I love to read books and I believe that it is a great pleasure. There are so many reasons why you should practice reading. Allow me to share you why you should read books?

* Reading can keep your brain sharp

* A good way to relax

* It improves your imagination and concentration

* It helps you discover yourself

* It helps you to be interesting

* It ease depression

* It brings you to different worlds

* It enhances your writing skills

* It is a great escape

* Reading is entertaining

* You will learn a lot from it.

Undoubtedly, there are many more good reasons why we should read books. Feel free to add your reasons to the comment section of this post.

Moreover, get inspired to these reading quotes.



Let’s Celebrate Love!

Valentine’s day is just around the corner. I know that many of you are already planning for your fancy dinners and lavish presents for your special someone. Allow me to share some tips on how you can make your Valentines day celebration one of the best moments of your life without spending much.


Watch a movie at home. A home-stay date is the sweetest thing!


Cooking together is another great option!

Create a song for your loved one this Valentine’s Day and profess your love and soul.

Grab a map and randomly pick up any place that looks intriguing and plan a quick daytrip.



Well, nothing could be cozier than a picnic at your backyard.

Be inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. is one of the people who made a huge change in the American culture and politics. People celebrate his day to honor him for spending his life changing the landscape of rights and dignity to all Americans.
As I was thinking of a topic for my blog, I have stumbled some articles about his accomplishments and achievements. I got inspired of his quotable quotes so I decided to share it here. This man is truly a nation-changer. Thank you MLK for sharing your life with us and for your wisdom.



To know more about this noble man, read more here: Martin Luther King Jr. – Biographical

Write Stuff For Wannabe Writers


When I was a kid I already knew what I want to become. Every time people asked me what my is my dream I always answer them ” I want to become a writer.” I thought becoming a writer is easy as long as I keep on writing stuff, improve my vocabulary, and read more books. But then the world tells me that it is not what I thought it was.

The writing industry is so vague and there are lots of competition in it. If you really aspire to explore in this field and become the writer that you want to be, here are some practical writing tips that can help you in your writing journey:


Do not waste time doing nothing. If you know what you want to become then go for it and work harder to achieve it.

* Don’t be discouraged because of criticisms and negative feedback

The writing world is not an easy place. There will be lots of critics and detractors. But don’t let it stop you from doing what you’re passionate about.

* Explore and discover new things

Try something new and write about it. Do not just settle for ordinary or usual things that you do everyday. As a writer, you need to go to new environment, you have to meet new people, and experience extraordinary things.

* Be friendly

Connect with other people especially with other writers. Go find a mentor who will teach you and help you enhanced your writing skills.

* Be brave

If you really like to become successful in this field, you have to learn how to be bold. Do not be afraid to take risk. Let your work read by other people. Let your craft reach the readers.


* Establish  foundation

To become a good writer, you need strong foundation. Study the English language, the rules of grammar, and punctuation usage. There’s a lot to learn to about writing so keep learning. 

Quotes to live by this 2014

I cannot think of topic to write for my blog. As I was browsing the web, something suddenly popped out my head. Most of the blogs that I am reading and following wrote about the things they look forward to or their plans for this year. I don’t want to be a stereotyped blogger so I decided to share quotable quotes that can inspire you in facing new challenges in 2014.

I hope that these quotes inspires you. Let us all be excited for this year and be open to new adventures in life.

Yehey! Here comes holidays…

School holidays are one of my favorite moments in my entire busy year. That’s why I’ve been anticipating this to come. Thank God for such a great school year and finally I can take a rest, have enough sleep, and spend quality time with my family.
Who loves holidays? I am! And since finals week was done I am ready to do things that I like to do.
* Plan family activities

* Watch Movies at Home

* Meet with friends and catch up

* Sleep All-Day